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  • I lost everything

Lorenzo struggles with the aftermath of coming out to his parents causing a downward spiral into the depth of self acceptance.

The short film is based on a story from Lorenzo Donvito, capturing the intense struggle he faced during his coming out to his parents. The journey led Lorenzo to a profound and existential isolation, leaving him broken, voiceless and in search of a new and more genuine reflection of himself in a world of mirrors. Visuals and sound are equally important in this experimental piece, shaping the character’s evolution towards freedom and acceptance. We embraced the challenge of conveying the story in a more abstract yet still emotional way, giving life not only to the protagonist but also to the elements surrounding his silence.

A World of Mirrors is a story about radical decisions. Live a full brave life after experiencing a significant rupture at the core.
Despite the disapproval of many on his sexuality, Lorenzo picks up the pieces of his identity, embracing a new identity, a broken yet whole one.

Dedicated to all those who have spent time at the core within, a quiet yet dark place in which to contemplate life and self-love.

Lorenzo Donvito

Writer • Lead

Lorenzo is a 37-year-old, Brooklyn-based translator and writer. Originally from the south of Italy, Lorenzo spends his time working as a translator from Italian, French, Spanish, and Swedish into English, and developing artistic projects from film to creative writing. Creative expression means the world to him, in fact, he happily partakes in any artistic activities and events that NYC, his beloved city, has to offer. Though his job is a lot more serious than his hobbies, he likes to think of himself as an interpreter, not only for languages but for images, and concepts in between cultures.

Giuseppe Masi

Director • DP • Editor

Giuseppe’s love for cinema has been a constant driving force in his life, the kind that leads you from the dolce vita in Italy to the nomadic life of a cinematographer in the US. He immerses himself in the captivating world of film, crafting both fiction and documentary narratives. His portfolio reflects his talent and love for compelling stories. His most recent projects have been featured in Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festivals, as well as on NBC. He has had the privilege of collaborating with talents like Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Mirren, Callum Blue, and Christopher Plummer, adding a touch of star power to his work.

Elsa Levytsky


Elsa has a soft spot for the horror and thriller genres and has directed several award winning short films including Goodnight Death, Feed Me, Arthurs, Her Friend the Beast, and more. Throughout her career, she has worked for and learned from top production companies including Madoff Productions, where her clients included Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren. Her experience includes Creative Production for Kinetic Studios, script coverage for Random House Films, and production work on the sets of television shows and features films produced by Warner Brothers, Starz Productions, and Ease Entertainment.

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